Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic-Con Day 2

The other panel I managed to make it to yesterday (after the incredible waste of time that was the Mattel line) was a "Quantum Leap" retrospective panel with Scott Bakula. They basically showed clips from the show and talked to Bakula about it, then took questions from the audience. At end the panel, they showed the last few minutes of the final QL episode, the one that tells you that Sam Beckett never made it home. That always gives me chills, partly because it's such a downer of an ending, but partly because they misspelled his name on the final card. That I don't get.

So, something I tried this year that I'd not tried before, is doing a little recording during my walk to the Con. I spent five minutes or so panting during the mile or so I trudged to get to the Convention Center, and thought, if I could get it to work, that I'd include it here.

If you've ever gone to one of these conventions before, you can guess where I am right now. Yep, standing in a line. A long, long line. The sort of line where you get to know your neighbors intimately and end up finding out where they're from and what STDs they've had (in fact, one of them said a few minutes ago that those are now referred to as STIs). If you're a people person, maybe this whole line thing is not that bad. And masochists seem to like it too. Shoot, I've got an error. There's no way to save this file, so I'll just have to publish it. The line was so long it went through the building, outside of the building, looped around, and up against another building. But we were entertained there, at least. For some reason, someone on the ground was creating little human figures out of foam, and then letting them float up and around the sky. They sometimes looked like suicides, sometimes looked like ghosts, often looked like cloud-people, but were always fun to watch (especially as they sometimes hit into the building and broke apart). A couple of them actually made it up to where we were standing in line, getting people wet and causing at least one shriek that I witnessed.

So, there were three panels I wanted to check out today. The first was AMC's "The Walking Dead" panel. It was the one I was standing in when the foam-creatures attacked. I tried not to waste time, and got in line as soon as I was able. I also wanted to see Joss Whedon at least once this trip (I think he's doing three panels on three days), but the hours went by, it became clear I wasn't going to get in.

But I stayed in the line, figuring I'd be able to see the "True Blood" panel like I did last year. When I finally got in the room, the first two panels had already ended (the Whedon Dead), but I was able to see the tale end of a Women Who Kick Ass panel (which, strangely enough, did not include anyone from the movie KICK-ASS).

You know, I’m a racist bastard who thinks the Australian accent is damned unattractive. But when I heard Anna Torv speaking with it, I immediately became aroused. That must mean I’m growing as a person.

Then I did see the "True Blood" panel. It looks like a fun show to be on, if you're extraordinarily attractive and don't mind gratuitous sex and nudity. That's kind of a big If, actually. The dude who plays Eric got a huge reaction from the womenfolk when he came out last year (tons of screaming and involuntary urination). He wasn't able to attend this year, but they did bring a cardboard cutout of him to honor and make fun of.Jeff and I are a little behind on actually watching the show, so I was a tad more confused this panel than the last, at least as far as what they joked about and referred to from Season 3. From what little I've seen, they've really invented a lot for the characters to do that's not in the book, since the book pretty much only followed Sookie as she left town on another adventure. The guy that got all the attention this year was the dude who plays Alcide (sp?). One audience member even suggested he should play Superman when he grows up.

I wonder what I could play when I grow up. Doctor Phibes, maybe?

Anyhow, I had intended to stick around after the panel and just sit for a while, enjoying not being in line and watching the Batman animated movie they were going to show, but I had decided that this year I would get up early on Saturday, so as not to miss the Hall H panels I really wanted to go to (like I pretty much did last year). So ultimately, I took off a couple of minutes after "True Blood," and trudged back to my parking spot (the worst one I had all four days), went out and got some food, and hit the motel room again with the intention of going to sleep.

But STATE OF PLAY with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck was on, and I decided to watch it. I am a weak, weak person.

Doubly-weak if you consider my love for Ben Affleck.

Rish Outfield

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