Friday, May 14, 2010

Stupid Thing of the Week

I've been really dehydrated the last month or two (exhaustive regimens of not writing can do that to you), so I've been drinking a lot of Kool-Aid. It's something I like, is cheap, and easy to make, so I've bought a couple of those big containers of the powder in preparation of the ghastly photo op I'm going to get my nephew in. I'm calling it "Baby Marque de Sade" for now.

So, my cousin was over yesterday, and I asked him if he wanted some. He told me that he had just gotten over despising the stuff. According to him, my grandmother made awful Kool-Aid and hated it until a roommate taught him you could put sugar in it.

Blasphemy! Not only was my grandmother a saintly woman, but Kool-Aid wouldn't have the same kick if you left out the salt.

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