Monday, May 17, 2010

Broken Mirror 2010

So, last year on my podcast, we came up with a little contest called the Broken Mirror Story Event, wherein everybody gets a month to write a short story based on a particular premise. Big and I each came up with three premises, picked one he had suggested, then challenged people to write something on it. I was floored by how many people submitted work, and impressed by how much of it was good. I found myself really caught up in the possibilities, thinking up three or four ways it could go.

This year, we were a month late due to his computer problems, but we had the little get-together to swap ideas. This time I had five premises and he had three, and this year, we picked one of mine: "A child is proclaimed king (or queen), but it turns out to be more than just a game."

I figured you could go a number of ways with it--it could be a Sci-Fi story (a child is proclaimed King of Chlamydia III), a Fantasy story (a kid gets made Queen of the Faeries), a horror story (a retarded boy is mockingly called King of the Middle School, and then he is able to put people to death), a funny story (Rish Outfield is proclaimed King of the Douches, and it really works), or a tragic story (Rish Outfield is proclaimed King of the Losers).

But here we are, weeks later, and I've got nothing.

It's funny, being a person with a faulty brain.

Rish "Not Funny Ha Ha But Funny Sad" Outfield

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Unascertained said...

At this rate your "faulty brain" is going to need its own tag!