Saturday, August 01, 2009

Impressive, most impressive

So, at the last day of Comic-Con, as it is every year, the hucksters at the various dealer booths are too tired and/or lazy to want to pack up everything and take it home, so they start trying to make deals, drop their prices, or get really loud, so people will take it all off their hands. I was surprised to see that one of the booths--

Oh, I forgot to say first that I got lost in Oceanside (which is about thirty miles north of San Diego, infuriatingly enough) on Friday night, and while stuck at a red light, I saw a little four or five year old Mexican kid waving a lightsaber around. I thought, Wow, a lightsaber would be a cool present for my one year old nephew, Merrill's kid, maybe even my niece.

So, I was surprised to see that one of the booths was trying to get rid of their lightsabers, and had them marked down to half price. They had red, green, and blue, so I bought one of each, plus an extra red one in case . . . well, I can't remember why I bought that one, except that I was going to get five for a minute there.

I did have a pseudo-lightsaber when I was a lad, pretty much just a flashlight with a piece of white plastic glued to it and a cellophane over the bulb to make it look pretty. It was the cheaper knock-off of the official one Kenner made, but I had bought it with my own allowance, and I preferred it. Even though it was pretty lame in retrospect.

Well, not this one. No sir. Holy cow, for two-thirds of what I paid in 1984, I was able to get this child-sized lightsaber that may not be sturdy or long-bladed or official . . . but looks awesome.

How awesome?

I have not touched up this photo in any way.

Rish "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys" Outfield

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