Saturday, January 03, 2009

Veronica Who Redux

So, now that "Angel" is over, tyranist and I have been at something of a loss deciding what to watch on Wednesday nights. One of us suggested we start on "Veronica Mars" again (season three this time), and we did.

Tyranist used to always try to get me to watch "Veronica Mars," and I fought him for a long, long time. I believe I've mentioned before that I argued against it by saying that it looked exactly like the kind of glossy, teen-oriented show I hate. He argued for it by saying that the show was so great that everyone who gives it a chance will eventually have a "Veronica Mars"-inspired dream that will make them lifelong fans. I don't know if this is true of everyone, but I eventually gave the show a chance, and liked it pretty well, despite not being able to follow the mystery or get the characters' names straight.

And yes, eventually, I did have a dream about the show. In it, I was part of the crew, working on the programme, and I don't recall much more than that.

So, we started on season three, and it is quite good, and every episode makes me laugh, and every episode has a mystery I have absolutely no luck solving. And I still get the names wrong.

But I really got into this season, and demanded that tyranist stay up until two with me a couple nights so we could get in several episodes. And dang it, I had another "Veronica Mars" dream last night. It was neither sexual nor very memorable, and it inspired me to ask tyranist about his famous VM dream.

I imagined a couple different scenarios, but I NEVER could have guessed that, in my friend's dream, he WAS Veronica Mars, prowling around the school, trying to unravel some kind of crime or injustice. The thought of this, and that this was the dream that changed him forever, really horrified me.
But hey, it beats dreaming that you're an extra in a hallway scene of the show. Right?

Rish Outfield

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