Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top Three Fake Presidents

So, the U.S. has a new president, and it sure appears that everybody has high hopes for him. Optimism is novel, and pretty darn cool.

I thought, in honor of Obama's inauguration, that I'd ask for people's three favorite fictional Presidents of the U.S., in movies or television. I don't have any in mind, really, but I was curious what people would list.

You know, I worked on five or six episodes of "The West Wing," but I've never seen an episode. If I had, I'd probably have put President Bartlett on my list.

As it stands, my picks would have to be:
1. Morgan Freeman in DEEP IMPACT
2. Harrison Ford in AIR FORCE ONE
3. Bill Pullman in INDEPENDENCE DAY

I nearly put Harrison Ford first, since, well, he's Harrison Ford, but for some crazy reason, DEEP IMPACT was just a better movie.

My cousin, since he does nothing all day but surf the internet, was the first to respond (I believe I waited an hour after I'd sent this to everybody else before I sent it to him, and he still got back to me first). His list (and commentary):
Does the President of the United Federation of Planets count? Cause he totally tops the list if he does. He was on Earth, wasn't it San Francisco (or was that just The Voyage Home)?

Okay, I've got one. Independence Day. I really liked Bill Pullman in that, and that's why I liked him enough to sit through While You Were Sleeping long enough for me to decide it was a funny movie and I could like it despite being a chick flick.

I'm having a hard time thinking of others right now. I guess there's Dave, but I don't think I would watch that movie again if I had the chance, so it doesn't feel like I should list him. I keep thinking there should be some other alien/machine apocalypse type movie that should be incredibly obvious, but I can't think of anything right now. I'll get back to you for number three.

Next, tyranist sent me a bizarre list. It was:
John F. Kennedy
Franklin D. Roosevelt
George Washington

I have no idea what's up there.

Chemist Jeff sent his list with a quote from each one.
1) The president from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
"Those silly little black ships kept sinking anyways" (after he signed a bill ceasing all submarine use)
2) The president from Escape from New York (played by Donald Pleasance) "You're Number one!!!!" (he had been broken by the gang leader of NYC)
3) The president from Air Force One (by Harrison Ford) "Get Off My Plane!!!" As he shoves the bad guy out the hatch.

No Nickname Rhett sent:
1. Bruce Greenwood in "National Treasure: Book of Secrets", but also playing JFK in "Thirteen Days"
2. Bill Pullman in "Independence Day"
3. Michael Douglas in "The American President"

Beta Ray Charles wrote:
President Whitmore - Independence Day
President Lindbergh - The Fifth Element
President Beck - Deep Impact

Wow, he even looked up their names. Either that, or he respects the office a lot more than I do.

Prison Guard Johnny wrote:
1. Harrison Ford (Air Force One)
2. Bill Pullman (Independence day)
3. Kevin Klein (Dave)

I don't know if there's a point in tallying up the winners. I probably should have just asked people for their five favourite Presidents, and if somebody put Jack Nicholson down alongside Kennedy, so be it.

Next time: Top Eight Prime Ministers!

Rish Dubya Outfield

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