Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Babysitter of the Year: Part II

My sister's regular babysitter committed seppuku, so she gave her child to me yesterday and today. The lad is extremely well-behaved, as usual, but I am a terrible babysitter, also as usual.

For example:

I changed the boy's diaper today and man, was it fragrant. It was this sickly sweet awful smell, and I not only had to burn the diaper, but I set fire to the bathroom floor as well.

A couple hours later, when the boy was asleep (I was so attentive, the poor kid had fallen asleep in the high chair), I had to, uh, "drop the kids off at the pool," and . . . well, it smelled the same.

Guess I shouldn't have taken a nine month old out for Chinese.

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