Tuesday, September 11, 2007

good news

It looks as though I have a new job, starting tomorrow. "And the heavens did open, and Elisha Cuthbert did descend, and among the masses the rejoicing was exceedingly sweaty."

Also, tyranist took issue with a statement I made in yesterday's post. No, not the part about him being a horse's pizzle (that he was fine with), he disagreed that Ricardo Montalban is the world's coolest Mexican. What of Danny Trejo, who portrayed (among other things), Machete in MACHETE?

Well, for once, I can pretend to be the expert here. I have met and conversed with both these men, and I have to say that SeƱor Montalban is the greater Mexican.

For now.

Rish "The Half-Mexican" Outfield

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