Sunday, August 05, 2007

The 5th Comic-Con story

Okay, I thought of the fifth story I was going to tell. Turns out it wasn't even a story, just a couple sentences I was going to mention earlier, but ah well.

So, I was at Comic-Con as a fan and as a horror film critic, and I was able to interview a couple of people while I was there. I got to go in the press room and sit around and listen to McG talk for a minute, then I met the press coordinator and she took my name down and told me where I was on the rotation.

There were several tables laid out and the interviewers basically stayed where they were and the interviewees moved from table to table for five minutes (or whatever time their representative felt was enough) to answer a question or three.

In the time I was there, I chatted it up with a guy named Kevin, who is also a webmaster (which sounds like a Spider-man villain, so I won't be using that term again) and there to do the same interviews as me. He was a big dude and had a laptop and microphone and said he had been doing interviews since Hector was a smaller dog and planned on winging it. He said he could do his interview with me, if I wanted, and I passed on his kind offer. A moment or two later, having not seen the movies I'd be asking questions about, I started to think that my meager list of questions would not suffice, I took Kevin up on his offer to do the interviews together. He was a very nice guy, even if I felt like he was the sensei and I was just Daniel Larusso's kid brother.

While I was waiting for my turn, I noticed Missy Peregrym, one of the actresses on "Heroes" and the upcoming "Reaper," sitting at the table across from us, eating her lunch. I thought, "If I were interviewing her, I'd have some interesting questions to ask." As she finished her lunch, I asked if I could throw a "Heroes" question at her. She said sure and I asked away. Amazingly, she seemed to have no problem talking to me about "Heroes" and "Reaper" and some movie she was in called STICK IT right up until it was time for me to do my real "job." It was odd because things were so casual and easygoing, and when the actual Interviews started, I was much more nervous and worried about it.

Also, my camera worked just fine to get a picture of Missy. No such luck when it came time to do Horror Film Compendium stuff.

Sorry, tyranist.

Rish Barbara Walters Outfield

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