Thursday, June 07, 2007

7 June 2007

I started a new job today. It's not far from my last job and the commute is only five minutes or so longer. I've got my own little desk with my own little view of trees and a street and nearby hills. The large windows along my wall let in a lot of light and if I stand up, I can see the holding pins at the rendering plant next door. of course, I can always close the blinds if I need to.

I can't say whether I'll be good at it or not, but it looks semi-promising. There's something kind of thrilling about a new job, in that you never know how it's gonna work out or what you will enjoy or grow to dread, who you'll befriend or despise, how long it will all last, and in what novel and surprising way you'll get fired.

When I was an extra, working on television, movies, and commercials, there was that newness and wonder practically every day. Plus, you got the extra thrill of being around filmmakers and often seeing the world's hottest chicks. Ay, I miss it.

Of course, working a real, five-days-a-week job, I could buy and sell Extra Rish (circa 2000, or 2005/06). But if he could see me now, he'd probably make an attempt on my life. Or just kill himself, which would be more sure. And easier.

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