Saturday, April 28, 2007

(Over) Drive

Fox announced this week that Tim Minear's "Drive" has been canceled.

From Daily Variety:

'Drive' runs out of gas
Fox has impounded "Drive," steering the show off the network highway after four episodes. Despite decent reviews, "Drive" quickly stalled, averaging just a 2.3 rating and 6 share among adults 18-49, and 5.6 million viewers overall.
Monday night's "Drive" didn't help matters, coming in fifth place for the hour (1.5/5) and driving "24" to record lows, dropping Fox to fourth for the night. Net is still mulling whether to burn off the last two remaining segs of "Drive" on air, or stream the final segs online.

Well, there you go. I didn't even get to see the episodes beyond the first night. I started watching them after I heard this, then stopped, wondering what the point would be. I quite enjoyed the first two hours, but I guess I was the only one. Fox canceled "Drive" so fast, it makes "Firefly" look like "Law and Order." I really wanted it to succeed, for both Tim and Nathan's sake, but . . . what was I thinking?

At least "Heroes" is still on the air.


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