Monday, April 16, 2007

Just "Drive," She Said

16 April 2007

Re: Sponsibility. I was only two minutes late for work today, and I'm already typing away at my blog. I plan on skipping out on work later this week too to go to California. I know this goes without saying, but I'm not exactly the model employee. This is a really lax work environment. Our supervisor isn't coming in until noon, apparently, so we're just expected to do our menial, mindless) jobs. They have some policy where, if you're on time for an entire month, you get a hefty bonus. I have probably been on time an average of one day a month.

On Friday, because it was Friday the 13th, they were going to do something called "Halloween In April," where we were supposed to come to work dressed in some kind of costume. The night before, I did remember the occasion, but couldn't be arsed to go through my boxes and find something Halloweenie. The next morning, when I came to work, I found that not a SINGLE person in the entire building dressed up for the occasion. So, I woulda been the only one, kinda like my birthday party in 2004. Laziness saved me that time.

Well, today may be my last day, so I guess I shouldn't have said anything. Whoops.

In other non-news, "Drive" premiered last night, and hey, I actually watched it.

Okay, I had a friend TiVo it, and we watched it an hour or so after it aired. But that's still close. I found out that I actually like commercials now. The two hour "Drive" premiere had about ten movie ads and I wanted to see those. People talk about commercials a lot, and I never see them.

Whoa, I've just about become one of those strange kids with the ironed red shortpants that proudly boasts, "We don't have a teevee in our house."

"Drive" was a really entertaining show. I'll make no bones about it: I watched it due to Nathan Fillion, and, to a lesser extent, Executive Producer Tim Minear, both late of "Firefly." In fact, there were a couple familiar faces from that show (for example, Jubal Early showed up in the very first scene). Co-creator and writer Tim Minear is not a stranger to Fox television, having worked on "The X-Files" before "Angel" and "Firefly," and then "Wonderfalls" and "The Inside," which were both canceled before their TV Guide entries' ink was dry.

The show deals with a secret cross-country road race with several participants competing for $32 million. Nathan Fillion plays our lead character, who is led to believe that his kidnapped wife will be waiting for him at the finish line. In a fiendishly brilliant move, his character misses the orientation where all of the race's rules are laid out, so he's as lost and clueless as we are during the race. There are several other characters participating, who were introduced in that first hour, and most of them have a story to tell. The pilot introduced a big ensemble cast, only a quarter of them likable. After a while, though, as we got to know some of the participants, we saw a bit of (oh so deliberate) decency and personality among them, which helps.

It was fun and filled with car action, amusing interactions, interesting rules to the game, and annoying zooms in and out of cars (as well as from space down onto obviously CG locales). It's a very serialised programme, though, which will make it hard to attract new viewers. It's not all that satisfying in one hour increments (this I'm saying having never watched a one hour increment), but Fox seems to know this, by showing three episodes in two days, hoping people will become hooked on it.*

As usual, there are lots of attractive people in the cast, but it's nice to see a couple of normal-looking folks, like Doctor Curt Connors from the SPIDER-MAN movies and that one real ugly dude, who looks like his part will be recurring. Melanie Lynskey also appears as a harried new mother. She is always good, no matter how small the part. I like her, and you should too.

I have no idea what the ratings were, and I only care in that, if I continue to watch the show and it gets canceled, I'll be unhappy.

What I won't be, though, is surprised.

Rish "Stuck In Neutral" Outfield

*I only wish they had cared half as much about "Firefly," but I digress.

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