Thursday, May 17, 2018

Marshal, Renee, and I talk about Han Solo on "DoG"

Hey there, Marshal Latham has published another of our "Star Wars: Delusions of Grandeur" podcast episodes. This is one we recorded to discuss the character of Han Solo BEFORE he gets his own origin movie in a few days.

The editing on this particular episode was a real beast (for some reason, Renee's lines kept getting out of sync with our lines, despite us all starting at the same time), but I was buoyed up by the feeling that, if this isn't the best episode we've ever done, it's at least in the top two.

Check it out HERE?

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Harry III said...

Hey, Rish!
I just wanted to FINALLY reach out to you, Big, Marshall, Renee, and everybody to say thanks so much for putting you opinions and creative endeavors out on the internet. Especially Rish, I heard on the outcast several times you asking people for comment and support and this is me doing so. I have wanted for years and years to be in a financial situation where I am able to give money to you and all the nearly countless independent podcasts (not affiliated with major media outlets) that have entertained and comforted me through good and bad times but ....not yet. So I have been listening to Rish and Big on dunesteef since issue, volume and page one and I just wanted to say I find you guys personalites very entertaining, endearing, and relatable. PLEASE all of you, keep doing what u r doing Rish said though, for yourself if nessessary. Thanks again. Peace.