Friday, August 04, 2017

Rish Outcast 79: You've Got To Want It More

So, Rish goes for an extra long drive, thinking about the recent writers' conference, the people he saw there, and the encouraging/discouraging things people said in panels.  So he gets kind of inspirational too.*

Can we be frank, kids?  I think this is my best episode ever.  Yeah, I said it.

Your mileage may vary.**

Go ahead and Right-Click THIS LINK if you want to download it.  I dare you.

*Warning: a bit of language and a bit of "La La Land" in this one.  So, double-warning.

**I made some kind of promise in this episode, so here's the link to that story I vowed to not only write, but to publish.  Me and my big mouth.


spaceVulture said...

Hmmm. This episode didn't show up in my iTunes feed. Just an FYI because I don't want others to miss out on your best episode ever.

nuremon said...

I also cannot see this on my iphone and I'm way too lazy to try to find a better way to listen to it. Please try and update the RSS!