Thursday, June 08, 2017

Marshal and I Talk Star Wars Convention Experiences

Hey, there's another "Delusions of Grandeur" episode up over at "Journey Into..."  This one was a long time in coming, because I'd often call Marshal Latham up and tell him what I heard or saw at "Star Wars" panels at local cons, and he did the same when he went to one.  So, if our regularly-scheduled episode ever fell through, we always had this topic in our back pocket.

Once again, I do appreciate Marshal's partnership on this show.  I know he's busy with the other aspects of his life, but he often is the one who suggests we hook up and produce another episode of "DoG" (as he calls it).  Maybe nobody listens to the show, but I will continue doing it as long as he wants to.

So, why not check it out at THIS LINK?  Seriously, why not?


In this episode, Marshal took a phone call so we recorded in two sessions . . . and then I accidentally deleted the second half while clearing old files off my recorder.  So, what I did was listen to Marshal's half and tell my stories into my recorder again, trying to get the timing right and figure out what I must have said to make him respond or laugh.  It ended up taking much longer than just doing the episode over again would have taken . . . and one of us was not thrilled with the result.

Besides the time I erroneously referred to his children as "Ugnaughts," it's probably the only time I've ever sensed Marshal was angry about something.  And guess what that made me?  Yep, angry too.  Ain't life grand?

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Journey Into... said...

Here's the truth: I was disappointed that part of the conversation had been lost, but I perfectly understood that those things happen. I myself forgot to record the first 15-20 minutes of our Rogue One episode, and had to ADR those again post-recording, so I know I'm not above reproach.

However, I had the advantage of not having said too much in the Disneyland discussion so my re-record was fairly minimal, though it did take a lot more time to record that I expected. You had a much harder job because you had done most of the talking.

I figured a re-record of the whole discussion would have been easier. However, despite to difficulty of your task, I thought you did a great job of making it all coherent and seamless. I think if I hadn't known that you were doing your lines over I may not have noticed a thing.

I think the reason that you felt I was unhappy was because I texted you something along the lines of "I've never been a laugh track before." In the world of texting and electronic rather than human to human interaction, I can see where my statement might have come off as sounding displeased, but it was actually more of a joke. You extended my laughs and acknowledgements into your outtakes and much longer than our actual conversation, and since I knew how the sausage was being made, it stood out to me that you were looping or re-using my reactions. It was kind of weird.

I'm sorry if you felt I was angry with you. No way. We're in this together, man. I always feel like I'm letting you down by not being more available. I also appreciate our partnership on this show, and will continue doing it as long as you wants to.