Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rish Outcast 71: Ladies Room

Too many stories about bodily functions?  Keep that stuff in the bathroom where it belongs.

Also, Fake Sean talks about Patreon, and hurls a few insults.

Look, if you wanna download this episode, just Right-Click THIS LINK, or Rick-Roll THIS ONE.

P.S. It appears the next episode of the Outcast will be a Patreon-only affair.  Be warned.

1 comment:

gramdpaD said...

Character, setting, plot, lots of foreboding, all is going really well and then getting a story sucker-punch like that; I hated it, and then I loved it.
Now busy thinking of what happened next, and maybe locking the author in a restroom stall to see what happens then. Curses! I am so confused.