Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rish Outcast 49: Grey Skies Ahead

This episode is from so long ago, I thought for sure I'd already published it.  Hard to remember what it was even about.  I seem to recall that Rainy days and Mondays always got Karen Carpenter down.

Podcasting can be many things: a stage, a soapbox, a springboard for ideas, a confessional, an experiment, an artistic outlet, a pastime, a journal.  And, as I've said a time or two, free therapy.

There have been a couple of episodes I've recorded while in a bad mood--either angry or despondent--and used this little forum as a way to feel better.  I think this may be the first of those to actually get released.

Got something sunnier for you next time, though.

Don't forget, to download the episode, simply RIGHT CLICK HERE.


AspiR said...

You did that thing, you know? Where you set something up to brace people for it. I was ready for a depressing episode and to be like "no c'mon Rish, you're doing good, don't be so hard on yourself." But then I listened to it.

I didn't think this was a sad episode at all. In fact, the last episode with the Q&A was much more depressing than this. Maybe you started depressed, but then you got away from all the distractions, wrote, and felt better. That makes this a very positive episode, perhaps even more positive because it started sad.

And how can anyone feel down after listening to fake Christopher Walken sing I've had the time of my life?

You keep asking if anyone is listening, well. What do you think?

Rish Outfield said...

Yeah, I feel a bit stupid for that (setting you up for great depression). That was certainly my idea when I started recording it, but just talking made me feel better.

Don't worry, there should be truly depressing episodes on the horizon. And without a song from DIRTY DANCING to save them.

AspiR said...

I'm not complaining sir! Should there be another down in the dumps episode I'll be here to prod you in the comments.

Just remember, the old Rish looks at you with envy.