Tuesday, June 07, 2016

New "Campfire Radio Theater" Episode

John Ballentine produces these awesome "Campfire Radio" tales every few months or so, usually Horror audio dramas made with loving care and real talent.  This is the third one I've been able to participate in ("R.I.P." and "Night Delivery"), this one called "Woods Ferry."

A trio of young people enter a closed-up old town, where the inhabitants were evacuated long ago.  But are ALL of them gone?

Check it out at this link: http://campfireradiotheater.podbean.com/mobile/e/woods-ferry/ . . . if you dare.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.

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AspiR said...

I liked Night Delivery better than this one writing wise, despite the Lovecraftian twist on an otherwise fairly typical zombie story. Still, you executed the final part well, a case of audio enhancing the writing. That last scene would not be nearly as powerful on the page.

It's probably been done by now, but I'd love it if a story had someone doing the typical reaction characters have from their first contact with zombies ("What's wrong with her?" "What do they want?") and then a second character responding "Are you serious? Those are zombies. Obviously zombies." George Romero can pretend people are ignorant of zombies because he invented the modern zombie, but for some reason almost everyone else tries to do that and it just breaks realism for me. Everyone knows what a zombie is.