Thursday, February 25, 2016

Previews of Coming Attractions

Rish here. I don't have a lot of time right now, but I just got out of the shower, and I dunno about you, but showering tends to be one of those times when I do a lot of thinking and/or story pondering.  Today I thought to myself, I ought to do a blogpost where I write down the projects I have upcoming, as a sort of advertisement, but also as a sort of promise.  That way, if a month or two (or five) goes by, and I don't put them out, then maybe one of my blog-readers will hold me to it, remind me, threaten me.

So, here are six of my projects set to come out soon.

1.  Rish Outcast episodes for "The Ugly Table," Zara's Death, Writer's Conference, "Rest Stop," Deus Ex Mary Sue, and Abram ghost story.  As well as the Stephen King episode (which I ought to make available right now), and one PTDNSIN.

2.  Audiobook for Abigail Hilton's "The Scarlet Albatross."  Shared duties with L. Scribe Harris.  Good, good stuff.

3.  Novella "Lost and Found," both text version and audio.
(this should be soon, hold me to it)

4.  Audiobook of Kevin David Anderson's "Night of the Zombees."  Don't have a timetable on this one, but shouldn't be much longer.

5.  An audio collection, pretty much ready to go, which I'm calling "The Calling: The Audio Fiction of Rish Outfield."  Yeah, sorry.

6.  My first novel, "Into the Furnace," which I started the audio recording of this week.

I have other stuff in the works, including another Dumarest of Terra audiobook (which I've only got five chapters done on), and another story reading for an enemy podcast, but these six are what I'm posting today.  Hopefully, I won't drop the ball.



AspiR said...

I know just what you mean regarding the shower thoughts. I have some of my best ideas in there. I think it's the sensation of the water on the scalp acting to "wake up" the brain. I got some nice ideas this morning for the scene I'm working on that way. Anyway apparently it's pretty common since there's a decently popular Reddit board devoted to it:

As for the point of this blog post, I've got you. You already know I'm pretty good at the pestering.

Abigail Hilton said...

I like that cover. Also, the idea of a cash reward for a missing child. Creepy.