Saturday, December 05, 2015

Rish Outcast 31: Unconventional Part 2

So, here is the second half of "Unconventional."

I did jot down some plans for a sequel to this tale, but they never went anywhere.  Feel free to encourage me, or say nothing, and I'll forget.

If your thing is to download the file, Right-Click on this here LINK.

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Journey Into... said...

I liked the story. I like how you didn't hammer head the point that it was the kid, making everything happen. A sequel would be cool. After his son leaves to Texas, the MC might start to mull things over about the experience and things his son said. He might wonder and guess at what really happened. And then as you say, he gets a call from his ex-wife about craziness that is going on with the son. From there, you could go a couple ways. She could be shallow and not want to deal with the kid anymore and demand that he take custody. Or I also like the possibility that you brought up regarding him going to Texas to deal with a new "manifestation" from the child.

Way back when, when I was goofing around on, I joined a storyline where the premise was to come up with a character that would be a member of the next generation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which makes heroes out of literary characters. I came up with a version of Christopher Robin, who could "manifest" things from his own imagination. Whatever he came up with became real. This story reminded me of that.