Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Rish Outcast 25: Chalupa Dale - Next Exit

Somewhere on the way to meet somebody, Rish came up with another Outcast episode.  In this one, he presents an awful short story "Chalupa Dale- Next Exit," and he talks.  A lot.

If you feel like downloading the episode directly, right-click HERE and save this thing.


Bria Burton said...

Ok, so the tune sounded like Play That Funky Music but I'm not sure if that's right. Hilarious by the way, how you had the background song playing throughout. The story was really entertaining.

Rish Outfield said...

Amazing that any living soul listened to this episode, and yes, Bria, you be correct with your guess. I've already edited the next episode, but if you want to pick a song for the one after, I'll ask Sir Fake Sean if he will sing it. Thanks!

Bria Burton said...

Oh, fun! Ok let's see...maybe he could do a medley. Has he ever done that?

Here's my dream Fake Sir Sean Connery medley with Arnold S. as the second voice in each: Sixteen Going on Seventeen fades into Dancing Queen fades into Time of My Life (Dirty Dancing)

So that might be a lot harder than what you were offering, so I understand if you pick one only.

P.S. I'd bet a chalupa that I'm not the only one listening