Monday, June 01, 2015

First of June

It's the first of June, first of June, Rish's novel's starting soon . . .

Actually, it's a long way off, which means I'm gonna have to write all the harder when that day comes.  Creepily, this was the fortune I got when I went out for Chinese this week:

That seemed like quite a coincidence, what with this being the "Write a Novel in 90 Days" challenge between Big and me.  He already has a story in mind, and a title ("The Gauntlet"), and as I am not going to be able to focus on my book for a while, he's got a head start on me.

But it would be neat to glance three months into the future, and see where I got, what my plotline was, and how long before I was able to actually begin.  "Good things are in store for you."  To paraphrase something Big has said a time or three: Fortune cookies don't come true . . . they are made true.

Rish Outfield, Future Novelist

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