Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rish Outcast 17: Birth of a Sidekick (Part 4)

So, here's the end of the story.  Special thanks to Marshal Latham, who was kind enough to lend his voice to this episode. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed the lengthier story (and the shorter space between shows).  If so, let us (ie, me) know.

Hey, kids, to download the episode, right click right HERE

As usual, the full text can be purchased here (on Amazon), and the audiobook right here (on Audible).

P.S. If you REALLY enjoyed this story, a sequel was published a year or so later, called "A Sidekick's Journey," which takes place not long after this one ends.  Check it out!


Jason said...

Congrats on getting this released. I didn't listen, as I bought the story a bit ago and want to read it first. :)

I'll give you an amazon review at least.

Julie Pie said...

nice work Rish. I like the audio recording a lot. Well done sir!

Rob Broughton said...

Good story, Rish! It was really engaging, so much so that after part 2 we started skipping the post-story discussions so we could finish the story. We did come back to hear the making-of stuff afterward, though. Lots of good stuff there.


Your thoughts about if this might STILL be part of a series of stories made me think of like...

Imagine if this was part of a novella-sized or novel-sized book of short stories starring The Lean Rider and his various sidekicks, and Birth of a Sidekick was the last story. Not until reading THIS story would you realize that the book you just read was all about the SECOND Lean Rider, lending the name "The Lean Rider" a sense of immortality. If you never gave The Lean Rider's name away until this story then a reader would go into it thinking you're just reading a story about how The Lean Rider recruits his sidekicks... then when things go poorly you suddenly realize what's going on.

I guess this would require changing Birth of a Sidekick a little bit to remove how much people use Cook's name to set up for that, but it was just a fun thought.

Here's hoping you'll share more long stories like this in the future!

Jason said...

I tried to leave both an audible and a goodreads review, along with my amazon one, but audible won't let me unless I buy it from them and I couldn't find the book on goodreads. I tried!