Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rish Outcast 5: All Night Gas

Rish brings his short story "All Night Gas" to somewhat life in this episode.  Afterward, he ruminates on superheroes and saviors, the need for them, the need to be rescued.  Sigh.

Music was "Colorless Aura" and "Return of Lazarus" by Kevin McLeod, courtesy of Incompetech.com.

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.


J.M. Perkins said...

I listened to this and enjoyed it. I hope you make more.

Rob Broughton said...

I also listened to all of this, and enjoyed it! Your rambling never bothers me, Rish, but you complaining about yourself rambling sometimes does. Why?

1) We wouldn't be listening to these things if we didn't like your rambling, and your stories, and your thoughts and insights.

B) We don't like you belittling yourself! We think you're a pretty cool guy, Mr. Outfield.

Pi) Please don't take the time out to REMIND us that it's TECHNICALLY rambling; I was enjoying myself! That's like the cook coming out and saying, "Hi, I'm the chef, and I hope you don't mind I put too much salt on that steak you seemed to REALLY be enjoying until I spoke up!"

Pi is true, from a production standpoint, but mostly it's 1 and B.

So, in summary: please make more! And please make it easier to get these? I still can't find a copy of #2 Subtext because you re-uploaded the #1 episode file twice.

Oh, and an idea based on your recent discussions on the show:

If you are antsy about the idea of putting ALL your work on one feed, then how about you and Big consolidate your side-casts such that That Gets My Goat is a super-feed for everything that ISN'T Dunesteef. That way we only have to go to two places, and you could advertise the secondary feed every second or third Dunesteef episode (advertise with content; mention content that is exclusive to JUST that feed). This way you can be "selling yourself as the product" more than you are, but can test the waters before taking the full consolidation leap?

Rish Outfield said...

Thank you kindly for your comments, Rob. Me being me, I'm always going to apologize for rambling, repeating myself, taking up your time, and being myself, but I appreciate you ignoring that.

I really don't know how to do the technical part of podcasting, but I did try to fix the second episode. If you could let me know whether or not it is fixed, I'd be happy to go ahead and publish the next show, since it (and the two after that) is now done.

Rob Broughton said...

Well, you being you, I'll definitely survive the apologies and keep listening. It only was on my mind after listening to 5 of your episodes in a row, and hearing it a number of times.

Part of it is like you guys mentioned on the NME podcast the other month: as we sit here listening to you month after month, we get this feeling of "this guy's my friend." And, I try not to let my friends beat themselves up too much when they don't deserve it. :)

The second episode seems totally fixed. I wish I had time to listen to it today, but definitely sometime soon. Thank you, and thanks for the three more in the pipe, too!