Monday, January 20, 2014

Rish performs "Kalin" (Dumarest 4) over at Audible

This was the fourth Earl Dumarest book, and for some reason, I never did a post announcing it.  I did talk about my problems interpreting the ending, but in March (2014) I discovered I'd never done a write-up for it.

She here it is.  This one has Earl falling in love a second time, with a red-haired girl named Kalin, who has the ability to see the future (or possible futures).  Together, they may actually gain riches and the pathway to Earl's long-lost homeworld of Earth.  And if you've read even one of these books, you can probably guess whether it works out between them or not.

Here's yonder link:

I worked really hard on this one, and it, and to a lesser extent, the book that followed, really burned me out on audiobooks in general.  One day soon, though (again, writing from the future), I'm going to crack open another Dumarest of Terra books, and start this process anew.

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