Friday, September 06, 2013

Appearance on the "Strewn Along the Path" podcast

One-time friend (now full-time competitor) Marshal Latham's esoterica podcast "Strewn Along the Path" was created so he could talk about STAR WARS beyond the limits of his "Journey Into..." podcast (the episode with the story I wrote, not coincidentally), and it has somehow become a podcast devoted to that subject.  He was telling me that he's tempted to do it as a STAR WARS show permanently, and see if he can't get guests to sit down with him and talk about it, the way Kevin Smith does with his "Fatman on Batman" podcast.

I told Marshal he could call it "Fat Guys on Jedis."  But "Strewn Along te Path" is actually a much cooler name.

Anyway, I really enjoyed hearing him talk about his childhood and thoughts about the Prequels, and told him I wanted to be a guest on his show, and somehow, I ended up being the first one.  Not that I have anything to do with STAR WARS, except being told, "You're a bloody wanker"  by the woman who played Mon Mothma.  But I can still talk about it, for a long, long time.

Marshal was kind to indulge me, and we talked about our love for the franchise for a while on the show (linked here  Check it out, if you're missing the sound of my jaw flapping.  If people like this show, he'll surely do more episodes in the future.  Maybe he'll even have me along sometime.

Perhaps Big and I can have Marshal on our show when the announcements for "Episode VII" start to drop. 

Rish Outfield, Jedi Pawn

P.S.  See, 'cause a Knight is a Chess piece, and so is a . . . never mind.

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Seraph said...

Mon Mothma called you a 'bloody wanker' ? Man - what did you do ?