Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Audiobook Adventures: Post 21

Very small post for you.

So, I got my first paycheck today.  It was pitifully small.  Maybe it was better that I didn't get one of these before now, since I had these pie-in-the-sky hopes about making a living with my voice, and I didn't get discouraged until recently.

As I said last time, I wasn't paid for March or April, and finally, I called to ask why.  I didn't get a satisfactory answer, but was simply told that the check would be issued to me, and would arrive right after my check for May.  So, that's good, I suppose.  But wow, my check for May is about what I expected for February or March, when my work wasn't out there so much.

On the bright side, the check was accompanied by a breakdown of my sales, as far as projects and markets, and I made $1.60 from the UK in month of May.  Thanks, United Kingdom, but I still love you.

Even so, I have obligations and need to continue working on this stuff, up to me whether I take on new projects.  Which reminds me, I got another job offer yesterday for a project I mentioned once before.  I haven't click Accept or Reject yet, and probably should get on there to see if it's for Royalty Share or actual pay.

I have been really slow in working on those two current books, recording about two chapters a week on one (I'm on chapter 19 of 24), and editing about one chapter a week on the other (I'm on chapter 8 of 15).  At this rate, by mid-August, I will have completely abandoned all these projects.  I need to get excited about it again somehow.

Not sure how, but maybe something will come to me.

Rish Outfield, Slacker

P.S. Okay, I went ahead and accepted the offer that came in to me.  It was for a book I auditioned for back in February or late January, and it's neat that I still got it, after it sat fallow for so long.  There have been a couple of projects I've auditioned for where they asked for a lot of work rather than just a couple minutes to show what I can do, and one where the guy corresponded with me a few times before giving the part to someone else.  I know I can't expect to bag every job I go after, but I sort of do still expect it, you know?

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