Friday, February 22, 2013

Audiobook Adventures: Week Six

Here we are, talking about recording audiobooks again.

So, remember how I said last time that I had been letting some of my book duties slide, and concentrating on the ones that were more fun?  I may or may not have voiced my fear that eventually the deadlines would sneak up on me, and I'd have no more time to slack off.  Well, it's a valid concern, but it must not be a major one, because instead of working on my current projects, I spent last night auditioning for new ones.

As it stands, I have had six contracts.  One was for a short story I have completed and have been paid for.  Another was for a short story I have already recorded, and am slowly editing.  Another had the first fifteen minutes submitted and are awaiting approval.  Two were for the same agent, and I did resume work on one of them this week.  One of the novels I accepted I have recorded completely, and have been uploading the chapters as I finish editing them.  I accepted two more project offers today, which brings me to eight total.

This may be madness, but it's also an extension of what I said before.  It's fun to read about new projects, and send in my auditions for them.  What's not fun is sitting in the dark, editing out mouth noises, breaths, and trying to fix stutters, or worse, microphone sounds.  But that's the part of the job I can do anytime; I have to have silence to actually record audio, and in a house with two children (and three miles from an airport), it's sometimes hard to find that silence.

I oughta just concentrate on one piece, work on just that, finish it, and then plug it here.  That would be new, to be able to talk about the art instead of the work.  It would also be fun to talk about the projects I've done on my podcast, as they become available.

I will try that, with the book I have recorded.  Hopefully, it'll be done and awaiting approval by the time I next blog.

Oh, and yes, here's more nonsense.  I almost forgot.

Rish Outfield, Audiobook Narrator

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