Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 . . . the final frontier

So, it's a new year, which oddly keeps happening around this time every eleven to thirteen months or so, and I ushered it in by losing less money in the casino than my brother-in-law and three siblings.  I guess, in a way, that's a positive.

Oh, and speaking of positive, you know my friend Big Anklevich?  This guy is super-psyched up about the new year, about resolutions, about changing his life, about kick-starting his writing career, and finally curtailing his baby-making career.  To hear him yesterday, you'd have thought the heavens opened up and the Mighty Thor himself had spoken to him in godly bass tones: "Big, thou must do thy best in this new year, shake off the ponderous chains that doth bind thee, and embrace this second chance I have granted thee.  Oh, and hast thou seen me sans my t-shirt?  'Tis a marvelous vision, wouldn't thou agree?"

Since I'm a pessimistic, unhappy person, I often hate to see my friends with positivity and joy in their hearts, but this guy has really been trying the last couple of days.  He has written, talked about writing, and thought about writing every single day, and even announced his lofty goals for all to see on his blog, and his very own podcast.  He may well be one of those sports-loving guys who believes that the victories in life go to whoever wants them badly enough.

I'm not that way.  I'd much rather wallow in my quicksand-filled septic tank of self-pity and bitterness, and take as many people with me.  But it would be pretty neat to put myself out there a little more, try and sell my work, and see if I could peer through my chloroform-soaked headwrap once or twice a year.

I don't know if I'm more talented than the next guy, I really don't.  I know that there are some seriously untalented guys out there, however, that possess self-confidence far beyond my own.  I'm not sure how one gains that confidence, but I could certainly try to develop some from time to time.

Maybe I'll mention this to Mr. Anklevich, see what he thinks.  And I could stand to encourage the guy a little more . . . in case Thor's off chasing Natalie Portman again.  He does that.

Rish "Baby New Year" Outfield

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