Friday, September 30, 2011

Son of the Year

I said "bullshit" to my mother today for the first time.

For some reason, my mom has a giant phobia/problem with profanity. Always has. You know you've made her as furious as she can possibly be if she ever resorts to it. To this point, I've managed to never use it around her (except for saying "bastardized" when talking about Spanish, and muttering "oh shit" when we crashed our car in 2004 or so). But today, I guess I got pushed too far, or she made me as furious as I can possibly be, I don't know.

Nobody under Thor's green earth can make me madder than my mom and dad. And they have some kind of speed-dial shortcut to getting me there faster than anybody else does. I went for a drive, worked on the show, ate a microwave burrito, went to the library, listened to an audiobook, took my nephew out to look for worms in the backyard, and talked to Big on the phone for half an hour . . . and I'm still mad.

Life is weird.

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Thomas Daulton said...

I was just checkin' up on you as somebody who has listened to a lot of Dunesteef, and found your blog. So, this comment is two months late.

But as somebody else who has a troubled relationship with his parents, I want to point out that you've just about re-written the old George Carlin joke, that goes: "Nobody knows how to push your buttons like your parents. After all, they _installed_ them."

Just to let you know you're not the only one in that situation!