Thursday, May 05, 2011

West Chide Story

Okay, I finally had to return the WEST SIDE STORY DVD. I stuck it in the mailbox today, only a quarter of the way watched. And I guess that makes me weak.

It would have been something to watch it through to the end, but it's two and a half hours long, and I knew in the first five minutes it wasn't for me. I might have gone back to it, but it wouldn't have been today. Or tomorrow.

It took me a long time to send the movie back, though. I wanted to be able to cross it off my list and never, ever go back, in the two months I probably have left to live.

Also, I hate it when people tell me that a movie is terrible, but they've never seen it. Or, slightly less irritating, when people saw the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" version, but claim to have seen the movie. If you really want to bash something, and not sound like an ignoramus, you have to have watched it/read it/tasted it/fondled it/etc..

But I had a lengthy conversation with Jeff, where he talked about how many books are published every year (in addition to all those previously published), and how you can't read them all, even if you read a book a week for the rest of your life. So, if you only have a limited number of books you can read, why not just read the ones you are interested in or will enjoy, instead of slogging through one that is poorly written or you aren't liking?

He related it to movies, and said that even though GONE WITH THE WIND is the biggest movie of all time, he's never going to see it, because he knows it's not something he would enjoy, and there are many, many, many other movies he could watch in its stead that he has a chance of liking.

And even though one guy said I'd like it (and the critics say it's great, and it won a bunch of Oscars, and it's got a song--I didn't get to--in it that appeals to me), I just had to give up on that one, and walk away. A man's gotta know his limitations.

Rish "Quitters Inc." Outfield

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Brian said...

This is completely unrelated to your movie comments. Have you really quit Dunesteef? You are so great on that show, I really thought it was an odd joke initially. I doubt I will continue listening if you are no longer involved... Very bummed.