Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cross over, children

Jeff just brought it to my attention that Zelda Rubinstein has died.
Made famous by her portrayal of Southern psychic dwarf Tangina Barrons in Steven Spielberg's POLTERGEIST, Zelda haunted many a healthy boy's nightmares, and many a sick boy's fantasies. She passed away in a Los Angeles hospital, after a heart attack and apparent organ failure. She was seventy-six.

I've had a morbid fascination with Zelda Rubinstein since, heck, most of my life. When I was a child, it was easy to imitate her iconic voice, since I hadn't gone through puberty yet. Nowadays it's harder, since puberty went so very wrong, but I've been pretty proud of that impression.

I never met Ms. Rubinstein, and I have to admit that I made fun of her as much as I revered her, but now that she's gone, I wonder if I'll feel guilty doing my Tangina Barrons voice since she--

Ah, screw it, as Bones McCoy said, she's not really dead, as long as we remember her.I miss her already.

Rish Outfield

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