Wednesday, June 17, 2009

writing stuff

So, I was talking with my friend Howard Anklevich the other day about how disappointed I am with my writing lately (mostly that I have been thinking about writing a lot, but doing very little), and he said, "Why don't you post on your blog that you've made a goal to write x number of pages, and I'll put on my blog that I've done the same?"

Well, I didn't think that would do us much good, since I really can only motivate myself nowadays (and not very well), and as for Big, you could threaten to put his kids in the wickerman, and he still wouldn't write enough to fill a fortune cookie.* But I figured I'd try, I'd put a goal in writing and see if I can't actually achieve it.

Right now, I'm about two-thirds done with my Danielle Spider story, the one I meant to have finished in time for Christmas. The friend who inspired the tale, who I was going to make the story a present for, has a July birthday, so maybe I can set the goal of having it finished by the 4th of July. That's doable, really. Heck, if I was driven/inspired, I could have it done today . . . but the problem is that I'm neither driven nor inspired.

Regardless, here is my written goal: finish the darn spider story by July 4th. I may even throw on one of those cute word meter things.

It would be cool to finish that story after all these years. Unfortunately, there's no penalty if I don't. Even sadder, there's no reward if I do.

Rish Smiletime Outfield

*What sucks is, he's still more talented than you are. The world just isn't fair.


Abigail Hilton said...

"Howard" has a blog?

Short stories are harder to finish than novels. Either I write them in one day or it takes a year.

Big Anklevich said...

Hey, you've got a typo in your footnote. "he's more talented thaT you are."

And besides that, your footnote is complete BS. My BMSE story got slammed by our readers.