Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top Ten Star Trek Characters

This is a little weird. I hadn't done a Top Five list in a long time, and was thinking of doing one in honour of WOLVERINE or STAR TREK or TERMINATOR 4 or UP.

But today, my buddy Jeff (the chemist) sent me an email after getting back from seeing the STAR TREK reboot/prequel, asking me my ten favourite Star Trek characters. He didn't specify if it was just Classic Trek, new movie, main characters, or all-inclusive (I figured it might be the latter).

By the time I wrote mine up, he had already sent me his list:
1. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
2. Scotty (James Doohan)
3. Khan
4. Data
5. Leonard "Bones" McCoy (DeForest Kelly)
6. Q
7. Kirk (Shatner)
8. Picard
9. Riker
10. (tie) Jacob Sisco/Emergency Medical Hologram
I sent my own list off and then read his. It was amusing/amazing how many we had in common. Or maybe it isn't.

My list:
1. Lt. Commander Data
2. Captain Picard
3. Lt./Commander Worf
4. James T. Kirk
5. Mr. Spock
6. The Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)
7. Khan Noonien Singh
8. Doctor McCoy
9. Jadzia Dax
10. Constable Odo
Immediately after sending this list, I felt like, if I could've put everyone and anyone on the list, I should've put Lore and Gul Dukat on the list. And, truth be told, I desired the busty Vulcan chick enough to probably need to list her somewhere as well.

Beta Ray Charles sent in:
1. Spock
2. Captain Kirk (ST)
3. Data (ST: TNG)
4. Dr. McCoy (ST)
5. Captain Picard (ST: TNG)
6. Jadzia Dax (DS9)
7. Odo (DS9)
8. The Doctor (Voyager)
9. Quark (DS9)
10. Garak (DS9)
My evil cousin Ryan sent me this:
1 Worf
2 Data
3 Kirk
4 Picard
5 O'Brien
6 Sisko
7 Spock
8 Kira
9 Riker
10 LaForge
And tyranist sent me his list in no particular order. Infuriated, I asked him to rank them, but he refused, eventually suggesting I just take them as is. So, his list would then be:
Yeoman Rand
Captain Picard
Captain Kirk
Dr. McCoy
Dr. Bashir
Lt. Worf
Lt. Commander Data
Mr. Spock
Chief O'Brien
Commander Riker
With that, our Top Five Star Trek Characters would be:
5. (tie) MCCOY/WORF

Your results may vary.

Rish Tiberius Outfield

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