Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stupid Thing of the Week

So, I was writing this story that had something to do with a fraternity hazing/initiation thing. And it occurred to me that I didn't know what the leader of a frat is called, the head jock, so to speak. The Fuhrer of Der Fraternity, if you will.

Right now, I'm considering using "Captain." He's the Captain of the Fraternity. But that doesn't sound right.

Maybe he's the head of the fraternity. Head.

I'm sure there's a word for it, a more technical term. So, I turn to my trusty friend, the internet.

Wikipedia wasn't finding anything specific according to my searches, so I just typed "fraternity" (and then "college fraternity") into the search box.

There's some interesting reading there.

I discover that, because of political correctness, they don't call it "hazing" or "initiation" and the pledges are no longer called "pledges" or "initiates." So, that got me mad.

I looked through Wikipedia, trying to find out what the hierchy of the whole frat system is, and I started to get sidetracked. First, I looked up "List of Secret and Underground American Organizations." That was interesting.

Then I thought it would be cool to look up "Films About Fraternities." Which naturally led me to REVENGE OF THE NERDS.

"Wasn't there going to be a remake of that?" I wondered, so of course I looked that up, and found out what happened to it. They started shooting, then it got shelved. Depending on who you ask, either the head of the studio didn't like the dailies and canceled the project, or the college they were shooting at got a copy of the script and freaked out, throwing them off campus and forcing them to reconsider the whole thing.

Interesting. Remakes suck anyway, but that one might have been fun. Ish.

Then I checked out what kind of deluxe, extra-special DVD edition might be available of the 1984 film.

On its page, it says that one of the actors, Matt Salinger, is the son of J.D. Salinger. I look him up to see if I could recognise him from something else.

I have no luck with that, so I look up Curtis Armstrong. I just saw him in something the other day, but I can't remember what it was.

Wikipedia mentions that there was a reference to REVENGE OF THE NERDS on "How I Met Your Mother," which I've never watched. I check out that page, and read up about the show. Interestingly, during their second season, they shot a clip revealing who the Mother character is that they plan to use in the series finale.

What's the name of the hot chick that's on that show? What else is she in?

She was in a "Smallville" episode. I look that up, trying to remember if I've seen it, or her. I have seen the episode but I don't remember. I look her up on IMDB.


Is that the movie my brother was telling me about?

Oh, it's from the Broken Lizard guys. I met them one time. That film hasn't come out yet. Probably wasn't the one my brother talked about then.

I'll go back to REVENGE OF THE NERDS. Didn't I almost buy that one time? Seems like I rented it instead and didn't know if I wanted to buy it anymore. I hate it when that happens.

Oh, there's a little blurb about a clip on "Family Guy" featuring the NERDS characters. Apparently, they go to a screening of SCHINDLER'S LIST, and Booger yells out, "We've got bush!" I go to YouTube, looking for the clip.

Now, it's twelve-frigging-forty-eight at night, and I still haven't figured out what the head of a fraternity is called.

My story isn't done, but then, neither is my dicking around on the internet.

While I'm on YouTube, I think I'll check out more Louis C.K. stand-up.

Rish Outfield

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