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("Buffy" recap)

February 27, 2008 (yeah, that's the future, kids)

The first episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" I saw during its first season. I quite liked the 1992 film (I saw it twice in the theatre) and when they brought it out as a TV show, I remember being slightly curious. But I had school and friends and a job and writing aspirations in 1997, and didn't have time or opportunity for it. I saw one episode, though, "The Pack," when I was visiting my parents at home. I found it intriguing, but was really bothered by the death of the principal, and never, ever watched it again.

If I had any interest in later years, it was always quelled by a combination of fear of being lost and discomfort with the WB Network, not being in its demographic even when I was in its demographic (hell, I never even saw an episode of "Dawson's Creek" until it started to suck).

I worked at a video store in 2001 where I met and spoke with Joss Whedon quite often (it was within walking distance of Fox Studios--where I worked in 2000, oddly enough--so he may have had an office there), until I was summarily fired on Thanksgiving of that year. If "Buffy" (or any TV shows, really) had been available on DVD in those days, I might have given it a try then.

I finally saw the show in 2005, after I became a fan of "Firefly" and SERENITY was released. I rented the first disc from Netflix, starting with "Welcome to the Hellmouth" . . . and I didn't like it. Didn't rent any more.

It may be there's just something wrong with me, because I still don't like those first ten shows.

Buffy moved to Sunnydale and met Giles, her new Watcher, and befriended Willow and Xander. She also met the bitchy Cordelia, and the mysterious Angel, who turned out to be a vampire. She slew vampires by night and went to high school during the day, and never wanted for excitement because Sunnydale is located on a Hellmouth, and high school is hell altogether. Willow had a crush on Xander, who had a crush on Buffy, who had a crush on Angel. She defeated The Master (an aged, powerful vampire) at the end of Season One, and briefly died trying to stop the Hellmouth from opening up, spilling out monstrosities into our world. At least, that's what tyranist said happened, as I fell asleep and missed the end.

Season Two started with Buffy coming back from a summer with her father, and beginning a romance with Angel in earnest. Cordelia found herself more and more involved in the gang of heroes, and the computer teacher, Miss Calendar, became more of a regular character too, and a potential love interest for Giles. Two vampire lovers, Spike and Drusilla, had come to Sunnydale, and plotted against the Slayer, though thusfar without success.

That should, more or less, catch us up to where we were when I started blogging about "Buffy Wednesdays."

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