Tuesday, May 19, 2020

February Sweeps - Day 109

Nothing to see here.

This day ended up somewhat busy.  I went to an appointment, recorded another podcast, drove to my cousin's and spent several hours there this time (we finished "Picard," which everybody else finished weeks ago), and I didn't get a chance to run, unless I chose to do it after two.  And I didn't.

And writing?  Even worse.  But ah well.  Tomorrow will be better.

Sit-ups Today: 80
Sit-ups Total: 805

Words Today: 370
Words In May: 18,060 (actually dropped below a thousand a day with this one)

P.S. Guess this is just about it for these:

Day 49. "Royals" by Lorde.  I've heard that song incessantly played on the radio for years now, and though I've tried (on more than one occasion) to figure out why people like it so much, it just doesn't speak to me.  At all.

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